Aliveforms is the ultimate form builder that surpasses expectations with its comprehensive range of features and functionalities. Not only does it excel in form building, but it also offers a plethora of additional tools to cater to various needs. With its robust quiz and survey capabilities, users can create engaging and interactive assessments to gather valuable feedback or test knowledge. The platform's conditional logic feature allows for the creation of dynamic forms that adapt based on user responses, providing a personalized and interactive experience. Aliveforms also offers a wide selection of themes and customizable templates, empowering users to design visually stunning forms that align with their brand identity or personal preferences. In addition to its extensive form-building capabilities, Aliveforms provides vital tools such as a price calculator feature, enabling businesses to create dynamic forms that automatically calculate prices based on user inputs. This functionality proves invaluable for e-commerce businesses or service providers who need to provide accurate pricing information to their customers. Furthermore, Aliveforms excels in generating quotes, enabling users to effortlessly create accurate and professional quotes for products or services. This feature is particularly useful for businesses in various industries, as it streamlines the quoting process and ensures consistency and accuracy. Moreover, Aliveforms seamlessly integrates with popular third-party applications, allowing users to streamline their workflows and automate data management. From CRM systems to email marketing platforms, Aliveforms ensures that form submissions are efficiently captured and synced with other tools, eliminating the need for manual data entry and enhancing efficiency. The platform's extensive list of integrations empowers users to connect their forms with the tools they already use, maximizing productivity and enabling seamless data management. Overall, Aliveforms stands out as the ultimate form builder, offering a comprehensive suite of features including quiz and survey capabilities, conditional logic, customizable themes, price calculators, quote generation, and seamless integrations. With its diverse range of functionalities, Aliveforms caters to a wide range of form-related requirements, making it an indispensable asset for businesses of all sizes. Whether it's capturing feedback, conducting market research, or generating quotes, Aliveforms provides an intuitive and powerful solution that enhances user engagement, optimizes data management, and simplifies form-building processes.

Form Builder for Everyone!

Smart Forms, Quizzes, Surveys, Polls, Calculators, Presentations with Logics, Conditional flow, Theme and third-party integrations. Works on mobiles and computers.

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One tool for Everything.

Aliveforms is not just yet another online form builder. It is Quiz Maker, Poll Maker, Survey Maker, Test Maker, Presentation Maker, Calculator Maker, Quote Generator and more to create Feedback Collection, Data Collection, Event registration, Product Suggestion, Personality test, Class Test, Evaluation Forms without the need for coding. Take advantage of ChatGPT or other AI Chatbots to speedup content creation.

Can Replace: Typeform, JotForm, Google Forms, Paperform..

Ask Questions Elegantly!

Use many input types to ask the question.In addition to modular theme editor, there is also option of using JavaScript to modify form to a level with no limit like modifying DOM and using 3D backgrounds!

Connect with Services!

Aliveforms has integrations available to connect your forms with many services like

Pabbly Connect Zapier Google Drive Google Sheets Gmail MailChimp SMTP Mail Verify with Google Sign In Google Tags MetaPixel Google Calendar Aliveforms Webhooks and more.

Zapier Webhook Pabbly Connect Aliveforms Comment Fetch Google Sheets Google Drive Google Calendar SMTP Mail Google Gmail Google Tags Aliveforms Webhook MailChimp Metapixel

Easy & Powerful Conditional Flow and Logic System!

Aliveforms makes conditional flow very easy. Inside form editor, simple forward and backward conditional flow can be set. For more conditions specific situation, aliveforms has simple, easy but powerful selection based logics creation and application system. Use logics to handle different situation.


With JavaScript, Your forms are almost apps!

Aliveforms has JavaScript engine built in. Advanced users can take advantage of JavaScript and create highly customized forms and add their own functionality.


Privacy and Authentication.

Aliveforms links are by default secure and private. You can secure forms with password for extra protection. You can also apply Verify by Google Sign in Integration to authenticate forms and allow or block certain Google accounts and collect email.


User friendly pricing.

There is just one Premium Plan! And credits do not expire. With fine tuned credits based payment, response fee is based upon only for features you use. Start with free or upgrade to premium for unbelievable price to unlock advanced features. Fine-grained payments with credits system to ensure you pay only for how much you use.


It has got Everything You'll Need!!

For Everyone, From Anywhere

Aliveforms is designed and developed in a way that all people can use it. It is easy and no to very low learning curve. Aliveforms Form Builder in very mobile friendly. Add features provided in desktop version, are also available in mobile version.

Create Anything!

Make any type of forms including, but not limited to survey, polls, quizzes, tests, calculators, quote generator, feedback collection, personality test, product suggestion, lead generation, lucky draw verification..

No-code Logic, JavaScript

Aliveforms has easy conditional flow system baked in form editor for simple tasks without requiring logic units at all.For complex situation, Add Logic units to your forms. Forms can be programmed with JavaScript.

Modular Structure

Aliveforms has modular structure. Themes, Logics and Integrations can be used on multiple compatible forms. For example, create logic unit to greet users based upon time once and use it on multiple forms.

Integrate Existing Services

Connect with Zapier, Pabbly Connect, Google Drive, Google Sheets, MetaPixel, Google Analytics, MailChimp etc. Also,there is support for Webhooks.

Try Yourself! It's a few clicks away.

It takes few seconds to create a new Aliveforms account. Just create an account and try it yourself. Aliveforms provides free credits to test the Aliveforms experience.

Form builder

Aliveforms is Form builder

Online form creator

Aliveforms is Online form creator

Form generator

Aliveforms is Form generator

Easy-to-use form builder

Aliveforms is Easy-to-use form builder

Easy form builder

Aliveforms is Easy form builder

Customizable form maker

Aliveforms is Customizable form maker

Responsive form builder

Aliveforms is Responsive form builder

Quiz maker

Aliveforms is Quiz maker

Survey creator

Aliveforms is Survey creator

Poll maker

Aliveforms is Poll maker

Price calculator builder

Aliveforms is Price calculator builder

Presentation creator

Aliveforms is Presentation creator

Form builder with conditional logic

Aliveforms is Form builder with conditional logic

Multi-page form creator

Aliveforms is Multi-page form creator

Secure online form builder

Aliveforms is Secure online form builder

User-friendly form builder

Aliveforms is User-friendly form builder

Dynamic form builder

Aliveforms is Dynamic form builder

Mobile-friendly form creator

Aliveforms is Mobile-friendly form creator

Conditional logic form maker

Aliveforms is Conditional logic form maker

Interactive form builder

Aliveforms is Interactive form builder

Smart form builder

Aliveforms is Smart form builder

Versatile form builder

Aliveforms is Versatile form builder

Powerful form creation tool

Aliveforms is Powerful form creation tool

Interactive quiz builder

Aliveforms is Interactive quiz builder

Engaging poll creation

Aliveforms is Engaging poll creation

Dynamic presentation maker

Aliveforms is Dynamic presentation maker

Javascript-enabled forms

Aliveforms is Javascript-enabled forms

Javascript-enabled forms Builder

Aliveforms is Javascript-enabled forms Builder

Google Sheets integration

Aliveforms has Google Sheets integration

Google Drive integration

Aliveforms has Google Drive integration

Google Calendar integration

Aliveforms has Google Calendar integration

Google Tags integration

Aliveforms has Google Tags integration

Gmail integration

Aliveforms has Gmail integration

Metapixel integration

Aliveforms has Metapixel integration

Mailchimp integration

Aliveforms has Mailchimp integration

Zapier webhook support

Aliveforms has Zapier webhook support

Pabbly Connect integration

Aliveforms has Pabbly Connect integration

Affordable form builder

Aliveforms is Affordable form builder

Form builder for businesses

Aliveforms is Form builder for businesses

Form builder for events

Aliveforms is Form builder for events

Form builder for feedback

Aliveforms is Form builder for feedback

Form builder for orders

Aliveforms is Form builder for orders

Form builder for registrations

Aliveforms is Form builder for registrations

Form builder for price calculations

Aliveforms is Form builder for price calculations

Lightweight form builder

Aliveforms is Lightweight form builder