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Aliveforms Credits

Aliveforms is built upon customer-first ideolgy. Aliveforms presents "Aliveforms Credits". You buy credits from store and then you use them for everything in Aliveforms. Each operation in Aliveforms costs different amount of Aliveforms Credits.

Features Buffet

In Aliveforms, you can create a form with features you require. Some feature require activating premium features. Please refer to cost table for details about cost.

Premium Features

When you upgrade to premium, limit of resources is increased as:

  • 100 Forms (5 in free.)
  • 100 Logics (5 in free.)
  • 100 Themes (2 in free.)
  • 100 Connections (2 in free.)
  • 100 Integrations (3 in free.)
  • 100 Lucky Draw (2 in free.)

Following features are premium and require upgrading account to premium:

  • MetaPixel
  • Google Analytics
  • Zapier
  • Pabbly
  • Generic Webhooks
  • Google Gmail
  • Google Calendar
  • Aliveforms Webhooks
  • Aliveforms Comment Fetcher
  • JavaScript Units in logics
  • PHP Units in logics
  • Remove Aliveforms Branding
  • Show organization branding


Consider this scenario, You need to create just one form and you need to password protect it. You also need to have Google Sheets integration and 40 collections. In Aliveforms, you can do that easily under just $1.

Cost Table

Operation Cost
Form creation 25
Form serving base 0.3
Form Data Per KB 0.2
Luckydraw creation 0.5
Logic service 0.05
Password Protection 0.1
Luckydraw draw 5
Organization Changes 1
Remove Aliveforms branding 0.1
Show Organization branding 0.1
Submission base 0.3
Backend Switch Integration 0.2
Google Calendar Integration 0.2
Google Gmail Integration 0.2
Google Sheets Integration 0.1
Google Analytics Integration 0.2
Mailchimp Integration 0.25
Metapixel Integration 0.2
Webhook Integration 0.25
Zapier Integration 0.3
Generic Webhook 0.3
Premium Features per Day 25
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