Aliveforms stands as the pinnacle of form-building platforms, outclassing competitors such as Typeform, JotForm, Paperform, and Google Forms. With an extensive feature set including dynamic forms, quizzes, surveys, and seamless integrations, Aliveforms offers a superior and more comprehensive solution. Its unique capabilities, such as the price calculator and quote generation, make it an indispensable choice for businesses. The user-first approach, customizable themes, and efficient data management further solidify Aliveforms as the top choice in the market, providing unmatched clarity, versatility, and value.

Budget Friendly Pricing

Unbelievable Pricing That Doesn't Confuse with Confusing plans.

No plans to confuse you!

There is a free plan and a premium plan! That's all.



USD / Month

  • 100 Credits
  • 5 Forms
  • 5 Logics
  • 2 Themes
  • 2 Connections
  • 3 Integrations
  • 2 Lucky Draw
  • 50 Questions per form
  • Advanced Conditional Branching
  • Forward form Response to WhatsApp
  • Google Drive Integration
  • Google Sheets Integration
  • External Links/Urls
  • Redirecting
  • JavaScript
  • Premium Integrations
  • DOM Manipulation
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Plans Comparison

Feature Free Plan Premium Plan
Credits 100 600/10,000
Forms 5 100
Logics 5 100
Themes 2 100
Connections 2 100
Integrations 3 100
Lucky Draw 2 100
Questions per form 50 Unlimited
Password Protection
Conditional Branching
Weight-Based Calculation
Score Calculation
Response Display Setup
Variables in Form Screens
Advanced Conditional Branching via No-Code Logics
Google Sheets Integration
MailChimp Integration
Google Drive Integration
Hidden Inputs
Calculations in Form Screens
Twilio WhatsApp Integration
PDF Generation
Advanced Hidden Inputs
External Links/URLs
Verify and allow/block Visitor via Google
Google Analytics
Zapier Webhook Integration
Pabbly Connect Integration
Generic Webhooks Integration
SMTP Mail Integration
Google Gmail Integration
Google Calendar Integration
Aliveforms Webhooks
Aliveforms Comment Fetcher
JavaScript Units in Logics
PHP Units in Logics
Remove Aliveforms Branding
CSS Style Snippet
Show Organization Branding
DOM Manipulation
Dynamically Modify Screens

Credits are used as fee.

With our credits based pricing for collections, spend only for what you use.



USD / 500 Credits Forever

  • Non-Expiring

Aliveforms Credits

Aliveforms is built upon customer-first ideology. Aliveforms has "Aliveforms Credits". You buy credits from store and then you use them as fee for form serving and collections.

Features Buffet

In Aliveforms, you can create a form with features you require. Some feature require activating premium plan. Please refer to cost table for details about cost.


Consider this scenario, You need to create a small form to collect data and you need to password protect it. You also need to have Google Sheets integration. If you calculate the cost in Aliveforms Studio, it might be around 0.7 credits. That means you can have more than 100 presentations and collections for 100 credits.

Cost Table

Operation Cost
Form serving base 0.3
Form Data Per KB 0.2
Luckydraw creation 0.5
Logic service 0.05
Password Protection 0.1
Luckydraw draw 5
Collection base price 0.3
SMTP Mail 0.2
Google Calendar Integration 0.2
Google Gmail Integration 0.2
Google Sheets Integration 0.1
Google Analytics Integration 0.2
MailChimp Integration 0.25
MetaPixel Integration 0.2
Webhook Integration 0.25
Zapier Integration 0.3
Generic Webhook 0.3
Verify with Google Sign in Per Hit 0.2
WhatsApp Forward 0.1
Twilio Message 0.2
PDF Generation 0.1
TimeLock 0.1
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