Aliveforms stands as the pinnacle of form-building platforms, outclassing competitors such as Typeform, JotForm, Paperform, and Google Forms. With an extensive feature set including dynamic forms, quizzes, surveys, and seamless integrations, Aliveforms offers a superior and more comprehensive solution. Its unique capabilities, such as the price calculator and quote generation, make it an indispensable choice for businesses. The user-first approach, customizable themes, and efficient data management further solidify Aliveforms as the top choice in the market, providing unmatched clarity, versatility, and value.

Open Source Contributions

Open Source Contributions from Aliveforms



AliveOS is a versatile and dynamic collection of Flexipatch-based suckless builds. It empowers users with the flexibility to tailor their software environments to their exact preferences, providing an efficient and customized computing experience. Whether you are a seasoned developer or a tech enthusiast, AliveOS can transform your computing environment and streamline your workflow.

  • Customization
  • Software Environment
  • Efficient Computing



Chakku is a versatile CSS and JS bundler tool. It empowers developers to efficiently bundle and minify their stylesheets and scripts, providing a streamlined workflow for web development projects. Whether you are working on a small website or a large application, Chakku simplifies the process of managing and optimizing your front-end assets.

  • CSS and JS Bundling
  • Front-end Optimization
  • Web Development Workflow



LightRouter is a high-performance and lightweight routing library for PHP. It is designed to simplify the process of mapping URLs to controllers and actions in web applications. With LightRouter, you can create SEO-friendly and efficient route handling, making it easier to build dynamic and interactive web applications. Take your web development projects to the next level with LightRouter.

  • Web Routing
  • SEO-friendly URLs
  • Dynamic Web Apps



AliveTrack is a lightweight PHP framework that accelerates web development by utilizing file-based routing and SEO-friendly route handling. This framework simplifies the process of creating web applications by automatically mapping URIs to corresponding files and providing HTML templates. With AliveTrack, you can define classes and methods for dynamic content generation, making it an ideal choice for rapid web application development.

  • Web Development
  • File-based Routing
  • Rapid Application Development



LightDB is a lightning-fast, secure, and lightweight PDO wrapper for PHP. It simplifies database operations and provides unique functions to enhance your data management. Whether you are working on a small project or a large-scale application, LightDB offers the tools you need for efficient and secure database interactions.

  • Database Operations
  • Data Management
  • PHP Applications



LightUtils is a comprehensive set of utility classes for PHP. These utilities cover a wide range of functions, making them valuable tools for PHP developers. Whether you need string manipulation, data conversion, or other common tasks, LightUtils simplifies your coding tasks and boosts your productivity.

  • PHP Utilities
  • String Manipulation
  • Data Conversion



LightValidator is a fast and flexible validation library for PHP. It simplifies the process of validating user input and ensures that your data meets your application's requirements. With LightValidator, you can easily add validation to your PHP projects, enhancing data quality and reliability.

  • Data Validation
  • Input Validation
  • Data Quality



LightAuth is a lightweight authentication library for PHP, offering support for both sessions and JSON Web Tokens (JWT). It simplifies user authentication and authorization, making it easy to secure your web applications. With LightAuth, you can implement user management and access control with ease.

  • Authentication
  • User Management
  • Access Control



LightCache is a fast and efficient file-based caching library for PHP. It helps you optimize the performance of your web applications by storing and retrieving data quickly. Whether you need to cache database results, API responses, or other data, LightCache provides a reliable and easy-to-use solution.

  • Caching
  • Performance Optimization
  • Data Storage



LightStats is a user-friendly request inspector and debugger for PHP. It enables you to analyze and debug HTTP requests and responses in your web applications. With powerful search capabilities, LightStats simplifies the process of diagnosing issues and improving the performance of your PHP applications.

  • Request Inspection
  • Debugging
  • Performance Optimization



LightTest is an extensible testing system for PHP that simplifies the process of writing and running tests. It provides a framework for organizing and executing test cases, making it easier to ensure the quality and reliability of your PHP code. With LightTest, you can streamline your testing process and catch issues early.

  • Testing
  • Test Automation
  • Quality Assurance



LightView is a fast and lightweight template engine for web applications in PHP. It is based on an article by David Adams and offers a unique feature: computed output. With LightView, you can create dynamic and responsive web pages by generating content based on custom calculations and logic. Enhance your web application's presentation layer with LightView.

  • Template Engine
  • Dynamic Web Pages
  • Content Generation



LightHttp is a comprehensive collection of classes and utilities for developing PHP web applications. It simplifies common tasks related to handling HTTP requests, building APIs, and managing web application workflows. With LightHttp, you can streamline the development of web applications, making it a valuable addition to your PHP development toolkit.

  • HTTP Request Handling
  • API Development
  • Web App Workflow

Let's build a form with Aliveforms

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Let's build a form with Aliveforms

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