Aliveforms stands as the pinnacle of form-building platforms, outclassing competitors such as Typeform, JotForm, Paperform, and Google Forms. With an extensive feature set including dynamic forms, quizzes, surveys, and seamless integrations, Aliveforms offers a superior and more comprehensive solution. Its unique capabilities, such as the price calculator and quote generation, make it an indispensable choice for businesses. The user-first approach, customizable themes, and efficient data management further solidify Aliveforms as the top choice in the market, providing unmatched clarity, versatility, and value.
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Connect apps and services to enhance effectiveness.

Connect with Google Sheets

Send submissions to designated Google Sheets. Say goodbye to manual data entry and enjoy real-time organization within your Google Sheets workspace.


  • Add Rows in Google Sheet form form submission.

Connect with SMTP Mail

Automatically send email notifications based on form submissions with SMTP service. Add option to send emails via SMTP. This opens possibility to connect many SMTP mail sending services. Enhance communication and keep your form filler informed.


  • Send email notifications to visitor upon form submission.
  • Send email notifications to yourself upon form submission from visitor.

Generate PDF of Response

Add PDF Generator integration module in form and create pdf from response. Create sign-able contracts in PDF. Created PDF is downloaded in visitor device and also uploaded on server. Plug Google Drive integration module to capture the upload file.


  • Generate PDF of Response.
  • Signing contract in PDF.
  • PDF Forms.

Verify with Google Sign In

Increase authenticity of collection by forcing visitor to verify by sign in via Google. Doubles as mean to allow/block certain accounts.


  • Force visitor to verify with Google Sign In.
  • Allow only specific accounts.
  • Block specific accounts.

Connect with Google Drive

Store form submissions associated files in your Google Drive repository.


  • Upload files is Google Drive from from submission.

Connect with Google Calendar

Effortlessly connect with Google Calendar for event registrations from data submitted in form and adding attendees of existing events.


  • Event management
  • Create new event from from submission.
  • Add attendee to event from from submission.

Connect with Gmail

Stay connected with users by sending email notifications and confirmations through Gmail. Keep users informed and engaged with personalized email messages triggered by form submissions.


  • Send personalized email via GMail on from submission.

Forward Responses to WhatsApp

Integrate with Aliveforms to forward form submissions directly to a designated WhatsApp number. This feature streamlines communication, allowing you to send personalized contact messages, process orders, and handle inquiries in real-time on WhatsApp.


  • Send personalized contact messages.
  • Process orders efficiently.
  • Handle inquiries with ease.

Connect with Pabbly Connect

Connect your forms to various applications and automate workflows using Pabbly Connect. Create customized data pipelines and unlock endless possibilities for automation.


  • Forward submitted form to Pabbly Connect via webhook.
  • Automate workflow with thousands of apps via Pabbly Conenct.

Connect with Zapier

Connect your forms with Zapier to create custom workflows and connect to thousands of other apps. Streamline processes, boost productivity, and eliminate manual tasks.


  • Forward submitted form from to Zapier via webhook.
  • Automate workflow with thousands of apps via Zapier.

Connect with Generic Webhook

Send form data to external systems using our versatile Generic Webhook integration. Customize your data flow and extend form capabilities with ease.


  • Forward submitted form from to a webhook.

Connect with MetaPixel

Connect MetaPixel to gain valuable insights into user interactions and analytics. Track and analyze form interactions for data-driven decision-making.


  • Analytics.

Connect with Google Tags

Connect Google Tags to gain valuable insights into user interactions and analytics. Track and analyze form interactions for data-driven decision-making.


  • Analytics.

Connect with Twilio

Elevate your messaging strategy by seamlessly integrating forms with Twilio. Send SMS or WhatsApp messages based on form submissions, improving your outreach and engagement.


  • SMS Notifications
  • WhatsApp Alerts
  • Communication Automation

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