Why Aliveforms

There are several reasons to select Aliveforms over other similar tools.

Aliveforms cares about users

Aliveforms cares about users.

Modular Structure

Aliveforms has modular structure. That means, once created themes can be used on other forms and logics and integrations can be reused on compatible forms.


Aliveforms is very budget friendly. It is easy to get started with way less amount compared to other alternatives.

Everyting is possible

Aliveforms can create any type of forms.


Aliveforms provides great control. e.g. It is possible to change flow of questions depending upon different situation. It is possible to change submit screen.

Built for performance from inside

Aliveforms is built using fast techonologies rather than biased but slow options. Most of the frameworks used in Aliveforms development are written inhouse.

Suitable for all

Aliveforms is suitable for all levels of skills.


This is one the the most powerful and unique feature of Aliveforms. JavaScript handling opens a wide world of possibilities. E.g. it can be used to show correct answers of questions, change title of questions and options etc.


In addition to JavaScript on visitor device, Aliveforms provides option to handle logic via PHP on server.