Important notes

Here are some important notes and tips to know.

User control

  • In Aliveforms, a visitor starts the form and submits the form by clicking it. Timers are not allowed on these two screens.

Press Apply Button to Apply

In Aliveforms, with most elements, to apply, you need to separately click on apply button in front of those.

In forms,logics click save to screens and conditions

When you make changes in screens/questions, you need to click on Save button.

Designing Quiz

  • Spend good amount of time designing the form.

Use multiple submit screens

  • Forms can have multiple submit screens depening upon situations and flow of questions.


  • If you are using timers, avoid allowing user to go back to previous questions.
  • Timer on first and last screen is not permitted.


  • In logic a screen number can be single screen like

    ```or multiple screens 


    or it can be defined value like



  • In logic make sure for properly format values to match. And values variables in actions. like

    [1,2,4] -> this is list of numbers
    ["Nabeel", "Ali", "Hashmi"] -> This is list of strings
    Nabeel -> This is invalid
    "Nabeel" -> This is valid
  • To run script before first screen, use js logic. wrap your logic in this function

    __boot() {
      // logic goes here


  • Keep an eye of credits cost of form by clicking calculate cost button.