Aliveforms features

Aliveforms has great set of features available for all users with different levels of skills to create a form to get the goal achieved.

List of features

Here is the list of features provided by Aliveforms..


Forms in Aliveforms are very customizable.

Single Step or Multistep forms

Aliveforms supports to create multistep form as well as traditional single screen forms.

*Traditional single screen forms has limited support for logic

Different types of inputs

Aliveforms provides different types of inputs to be used.

  • Text Input with various types like email, person name, phone, numbers etc.
  • Dropdown Lists
  • Options with optional multiple selection
  • Rating
  • File Upload *Requires Google Drive Integration

    Multiple strategies for processing

    Aliveforms provides multiple types of strategies to process the results.

  1. Score based.
  2. Weight based.

Variables and Passing data

Aliveforms allows data to be stored in variables and shared between multiple screens.

Custom messages

Conditional flow

Different questions can be shown depending upon answers via option setting and/or client logic units.

Arithmetic Calculation

In Aliveforms, arithmetical calculations can be done.

Text input for quizzes.

In Aliveforms, not only dropdown lists and options lists can be used for taking answer, but text input can also be used for answer input.

Comments of collection

In Aliveforms, form owner can apply comment on collections and then use Aliveforms Comment Fetcher integration on forms to fetch comment. This can be used for status checking and order tracking etc.


Aliveforms allows users to use images on multiple places.


Aliveforms provides support for themes with images, gradients, shadows etc.


Aliveforms provides integration for various popular platforms like Google Sheets, Google Driver, Zapier, Pabbly, MetaPixel, Google Tags, Webhooks etc.


Aliveforms allows to create powerful logic units for both server side and visitor device, to perform actions on user input and form submission. Logics units can be crated by simple selection based interface or JavaScript for device and PHP for server.


Aliveforms supports JavaScript scripting. It open whole new world.


Aliveforms supports PHP scripting for processing on server.


In Aliveforms, multistep forms can have timers.


Aliveforms has swipe feature on forms to go back or next.


In Aliveforms, user can show or hindde branding.

OpenGraph and Twitter card previews

Aliveforms provide support to OpenGraph previews on social media website supporting it.

Password Protection

Aliveforms allows users to password protect the forms.

Adding users and giving access

In Aliveforms, user can give access to other users for help.

I require a feature that is missing in Aliveforms.

We'll be glad to know about it. Contact us and we'll have a discussion on it.