Google Sheets Integration in Aliveforms

Aliveforms allows to easily integrate Google Sheets in forms created by Aliveforms to store form submission data in Google Sheets.


  • Google Service Account and Sheets API Configured
  • JSON Credentials of google service account.
  • Google Sheets created and the Id of Google Sheet.

Setup in Aliveforms

In Aliveforms Integration Editor, Google Sheets integration setup requires

  • Mode
  • Google Sheets Id
  • Sheet Name
  • Credentials.json file
  • Range - Optional


It is the purpose of integration. It can be one of these

  • Write
  • Read
  • Write and Read

Note that in case of write and read, first data is written and then read from range provided in range text box.


If mode is set to read or write and read, range of cells is required to read data from in form of SHEETNAME!START:END Here is example:


Google Sheets ID

You can obtain Google Sheets ID by opening the sheet and copy the address of it.

It will be in following format.

you require to enter just yyyy.. section between /d/ and /edit....

Sheet Name

This is the name of sheet. You can see it in footer section of Google Sheets.


Upload the credentials.json of service account downloaded. When editing, uploading again is not required.


Edit the form where you want to use Google Sheets. In Applications sections, click on Integrations drop down and select your Google Sheets integration and click apply.