Using timers

Aliveforms supports timers in Aliveforms. Timers can be used on quizzes multistep forms.

Note about Aliveforms policy for visitors.

In Aliveforms, the policy is that starting form and submiting form is in control of visitor.

Setting timer

Edit the screen and check timer. In value type number of seconds for timer.

Disabling Next button

If form creator requires to show a message and avoid visitor to skip before timer expires, form creator can check disable next button. It will hide next button.

Themes setting

In theme, timer apperance can be changed to have progressbar, text, both or none.

Notes about timers.

  • Timers don't work on welcome and submission screens.
  • When timer is expired, visitor input validation is not performed.
  • When timer is expired and visitor goes back to screen with expired timer, he is redirect to next screen.
  • It is recommeneded to use timers only in quizzes.
  • It is recommeneded to use timers on screen with no backward flow to them.