Using images in Aliveforms.

Images are used in multiple locations in Aliveforms. Here is a list of that.

  • Form title image - Shown in social share preview.
  • Question title image.
  • Options of question can contain images.
  • Organization logo.

Image Selector

Wherever an image selection operation is done on Aliveforms, it is done via Image Selector. Images are kept in gallery when you upload. But to apply, Image selector is used.

Setting a image

To set the image,

  • Click on select button in preview image section.
  • Image Selector will pop. select the image or upload new image and click on newly uploaded image to select.
  • You can also enter URL of external image.
  • After selecting of typing the image, click on select button in image selector.
  • Click on Update.

Removing a image

To remove image, click on delete button in front of image and click update.

Changing the image

To change a image, if already a image is set, remove the image first and then select new image and click update.

Deleting a image

To permanently delete a image, browse your gallery. hover on photo and click on delete.