Aliveforms stands as the pinnacle of form-building platforms, outclassing competitors such as Typeform, JotForm, Paperform, and Google Forms. With an extensive feature set including dynamic forms, quizzes, surveys, and seamless integrations, Aliveforms offers a superior and more comprehensive solution. Its unique capabilities, such as the price calculator and quote generation, make it an indispensable choice for businesses. The user-first approach, customizable themes, and efficient data management further solidify Aliveforms as the top choice in the market, providing unmatched clarity, versatility, and value.

Troubleshooting in Aliveforms

Aliveforms is generally a very stable software. Before making a release public, testing is done. However it is possible that some new changes, fixed and improvements may cause previous forms to break the interface of Aliveforms studio. However, good thing is that, we have not noticed any breaking in Aliveforms Presenter.

Here is list of currently known issue and how to fix it.

Multiple Screens

This is how this issue looks.


Aliveforms Studio performs a heavy set of optimizations in form. This can be caused is a property is missing in form when content is generated with GPT. There are also other possible reasons.


This is very easy to fix.

  • Click on Settings icon of form and in Actions, click on Repair.
  • Wait a second for it to get complete.
  • Click on Save icon.
  • Manually refresh the page.
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