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Calculations in Aliveforms

Learn about calculations in Aliveforms

Calculations are very useful and important element in Aliveforms. In Aliveforms, calculations can be done on

  • Weight (score points) of screens if form type is Analytical.
  • Variables
  • Hidden Inputs
  • Numeric Values

Read about Variables in Aliveforms


In form title, calculation are executed in [/ /] block.


We have variable PER_UNIT_COST defined. In Form, we have input of type number to capture number of units on index 2.

[/ [[VAR.PER_UNIT_COST]] * [[SCREEN.2]] /]

Note that we have maintained [[VAR.]] and [[SCREEN.]] syntax.

If we want to use intermediate value

[/ 19 * [[SCREEN.2]] /]

We can also use score of screen in Analytical Form. For example, we have multiple choice screen with items. Allow multiple is on, so user can select multiple choices.

[/ [[VAR.PER_UNIT_COST]] * [[SCORE.2]] /]

We can also use calculations on Hidden Inputs. For example, we have hidden input after welcome screen. [/ /]. Before the submit screen. we can add another hidden input [/ - [[SCREEN.1]] /]. This way, we obtained total time taken by user to complete the form.

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