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Free Text To Speech Tool

Free online Text to Speech tool. Works offline too! No limits - No restrictions.

Works best with Microsoft Edge Browser on Desktop.

Free Text to Speech
It is absolutely free!

Volume 1

Rate 1

Pitch 1

How it Works!

Select The Voice

Select the voice available on your browser. For best results, Use Microsoft Edge Browser.

Select Parameters

Click on Settings and set parameters like volume, rate and pitch.

Type or Paste the Text

Type or paste the text you want to speak. Click Start.

Uses of text to speech tool!

Content Consumption

Listen to articles, blogs, or other online content while on the go, providing a convenient alternative to reading.

Multimedia Presentations

Add a voiceover to presentations, slideshows, or videos to convey information in a more dynamic and compelling manner.


Create immersive audio experiences in games, podcasts, and entertainment content to captivate and engage audiences.


What is limit of text?

There is no limit of text.

Which browser is recommended?

We recommended Microsoft Edge Browser on Desktop.

I don't see any voice in dropdown.

On mobile devices, it might be empty.

How can I record voice?

Currently, we don't store any data on server. So, you need to use extension or screen recording app.

I don't hear any voice after starting.

If you've previously clicked started. Click on Cancel first and then wait for few seconds and click play. Try to refresh the page.