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The WhatsApp plugin allows you to trigger a WhatsApp message from an Aliveforms screen. You can customize the message, recipient number, and automate actions using custom properties on the screen.


When the screen with the open_whatsapp property is entered, the WhatsApp message will be triggered with the specified number and message. Optionally, the plugin can automatically navigate back, change to a different screen, or set the screen counter after sending the message, based on the custom properties set.

  1. Add Information Screen:

Create information screen in your Aliveforms form. This screen will be used to trigger the WhatsApp message and give instructions.

  1. Set Custom Properties:

    Add Custom props:

  2. open_whatsapp (required): Set this property to true to enable the WhatsApp message functionality.

  3. number (optional): The recipient's phone number.
  4. message (optional): The message to send. If not specified, a default message "Hi!" will be used.
  5. auto_back (optional): Set this property to true to automatically navigate back after sending the WhatsApp message.
  6. change_previous (optional): Specify the screen index to navigate to after sending the WhatsApp message.
  7. set_counter (optional): Specify the screen counter value after sending the WhatsApp message.

number and message can contain template syntax like [[SCREEN.0]] etc.


  • Enhances user interaction by providing a seamless WhatsApp messaging experience within the form.
  • Allows for automation of actions such as navigation and counter updates after sending the message.