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Result Reducer


The Result Reducer plugin in Aliveforms enables the creation of product suggestions, personality tests, diagnostics, and more. It calculates scores based on multiple-choice questions (MCQs) or dropdown lists in the form. Each option's index corresponds to a specific group, allowing for easy result calculation.


  1. Set Up Groups:

Define groups in your Aliveforms form settings. Each group represents a category or section you want to track.

  1. Add Custom Properties:

  2. enable_reducer (required): Set this property to true in the first screen of your form to enable the Result Reducer plugin.

  3. group_{index} (required for each group): Define a custom property for each group, where {index} is a unique identifier for the group. For example, group_0, group_1, etc. Each custom property should contain the title of the group.

  4. Calculate Percentages:

  5. As users progress through your form, the plugin will calculate the percentage of each group based on their input.

  6. Percentages are rounded to two decimal places.
  7. Group percentages are stored in variables named PERC_{index}, where {index} corresponds to the index of the group. E.g. PRCE_0, PERC_1
  8. Dominant Group is calculated in variable DOM_GROUP.

  9. Access Group Titles:

  10. The title of each group is stored in variables named GROUP_{index}, where {index} corresponds to the index of the group.

  11. Example Usage:

The Result Reducer plugin does not require any specific code implementation. Simply set up your groups and custom properties as described above, and the plugin will handle the calculation and storage of group percentages automatically. To use the variable in form screen title, use [[VAR.variablename]] syntax. For example

 [[VAR.GROUP_0]] percentage is [[VAR_PERC_0]]
  1. Benefits:

  2. Suitable for product suggestions, personality tests, and diagnostics.