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Plugins in Aliveforms


Aliveforms offers a range of plugins that can be seamlessly integrated through the logic section of the platform. These plugins are pre-made, designed to provide a no-code experience, allowing users to add powerful features to their forms without any programming knowledge. They can leverage custom properties of the screen for enhanced customization, enabling users to tailor their forms to meet specific needs and requirements effortlessly. This functionality empowers users to enhance their forms with advanced capabilities while maintaining ease of use and flexibility.

Current Plugins

3d birds background

The 3D Birds Background plugin uses Vanta.js and Three.js to create a 3D birds background. It doesn't require any configuration; simply apply it to your form to have a 3D birds background.

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Custom screen

Adds a custom welcome button to the form's welcome screen based on custom properties defined in the form.

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Allows users to control the display of various elements in the form.

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Display answers on Aliveforms screens based on user input.

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The Greet based upon time plugin allows users to display a greeting message based on the time of day. It provides variables like [[VAR.GREET]] that can be used in the title of a screen.

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Html question

Displays custom HTML content in a question based on a custom property called html_title. Overrides the question title.

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Inline script

Executes custom scripts based on custom properties defined in the form, allowing for advanced logic execution within the form.

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Map input

The Map Input plugin allows users to replace a text input screen with a map input.

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Open url

Open URL on entering a form by setting custom properties.

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Plugin importer

Import plugin scripts from the internet into Aliveforms forms.

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Preserve inputs

The Preserve Input plugin ensures that form data is preserved between page refreshes, providing a seamless user experience.

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Result reducer

Calculate and display results based on user inputs in Aliveforms screens, useful for product suggestions, personality tests, diagnostics, and more.

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Screen capture

Adds a button to capture and download a screenshot of a specified div within the form.

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Speak title

Automatically speak the title of Aliveforms screens using custom properties.

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Voice input

Add voice input capability to Aliveforms, enabling users to interact with forms using their voice.

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Trigger WhatsApp messages from Aliveforms screens and automate actions using custom properties.

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Youtube question

The Youtube Question Plugin allows users to include a Youtube video in the form title. To use this plugin, simply add a custom property called youtube to the screen with the value being the ID of the video.

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