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Plugin Importer


The Plugin Importer is a powerful plugin for Aliveforms that allows you to import plugin scripts from the internet directly into your form. To use the Plugin Importer, you need to set the import_plugins custom property to true and provide URLs for the plugin scripts using custom properties with keys like link1, link_1, link_2, and so on.

Custom Properties

  • import_plugins (boolean, required):
  • Set this property to true to enable the Plugin Importer on the current screen.

  • link# (string, required):

  • Replace # with a unique number (e.g., link1, link_1, link_2).
  • Set the value of each link# property to the URL of the plugin script you want to import.


To import plugin scripts, add the following custom properties to the screen where you want to import the plugins:

  • import_plugins: true
  • link1: ""
  • link_1: ""
  • link_2: ""

Ensure that the URLs provided are valid and accessible.


  • Flexibility: Easily enhance the functionality of your forms by importing custom plugin scripts.
  • Efficiency: Save time by directly importing plugins from the internet instead of manually adding script tags to your form.