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Event Handling

Special Functions in Client Side JS

In Aliveforms there are several event. Handling these events using $.Handle JavaScript API enable creating Single-Condition-Logic.

These events are

  • screen_index_input_change
  • screen_index_on_next_pre
  • screen_index_on_next
  • screen_index_on_back
  • screen_index_on_enter


If using JavaScript API, event screen_index_input_change is triggered when input of that screen index is changed.


If using JavaScript API, screen_index_on_next_pre is triggered when next button is clicked. It is executed before validation.


If using JavaScript API, screen_index_on_next is triggered when next button is clicked. It is executed after validation.


If using JavaScript API, screen_index_on_back is triggered when back button is clicked.


If using JavaScript API, screen_index_on_enter is triggered when form screen in rendered.


Ideally, event handlers for events can be defined in screen -1 , i.e. boot.

$.Handle('screen_2_input_change', function() {
  console.log('inp', inputs[2]);
$.Handle('screen_1_on_next_pre',function() {
$.Handle('screen_1_on_next',function() {
$.Handle('screen_1_on_back',function() {
$.Handle('screen_1_on_enter',function() {

Single Condition Logics

By registering event handler for these events , it is possible to construct Single Condition Logic. That means, whole form can be programmed from single condition by using function of applicable indexes.