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Forward Form Response to WhatsApp

Aliveforms allows to easily connect forms with WhatsApp and forward response data to WhatsApp Message.


If you want to Send WhatsApp Message with Twilio read Send Form Response to WhatsApp or SMS


  • WhatsApp Account.
  • User must have WhatsApp installed

Create new WhatsApp Forward Integration

  • To create new WhatsApp Forward Integration in Aliveforms, Either click on New Integration from dashboard or browse Integrations and click New button.

 * Select WhatsApp Forward Integration

Setup in Aliveforms

In Aliveforms Integration Editor, WhatsApp Forward Integration setup requires

  • Receiver WhatsApp Number
  • Template
  • Delay


  • Start with selecting form helper for template format. From form dropdown, you can select the form to autocomplete collection index template format.

Message Template

This is to body of message that will be sent. You can use text and collection index to make dynamic content.

Collection Index

In form, the screen those are marked collectable, they have index. form example

Screen Index Screen Collectable Collection Index
0 Welcome (info) No
1 Email (text input) Yes 0
2 Ok (info) No
3 Name (text input) Yes 1
  • Email is [[COLLECTION.0]]
  • Name is [[COLLECTION.1]]

If screen in Compound screen e.g. Contact, Address, Compound Inputs, Dynamic List, it is required to provide sub index, For example

Screen Index Screen Collectable Collection Index
0 Welcome (info) No
1 Contact (contact input) Yes 0
  • Email is [[COLLECTION.0.3]]
  • Name is [[COLLECTION.0]] [[COLLECTION.1]]


You can delay after how much time WhatsApp should get activated. It is in milliseconds. e.g 3000 for 3 seconds delay.

Save the integration

Click on Save icon to save the integration data.

Connect form with WhatsApp forward

  • Edit the form where you want to use WhatsApp forward.
  • Open Integrations settings.

  • Select your WhatsApp Forward Integration and click apply.