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Generate PDF from Response

Aliveforms allows to easily add PDF Generator module in forms and create PDFs from response and upload them too. This is useful for signing contract etc.

Uploading Signed PDF

The PDF file is downloaded on visitor device. It is also uploaded on server. In order to collect files, you need to Connect Google Drive

Create new PDF Generation integration module.

  • To create new PDF Generation Integration module in Aliveforms, Either click on New Integration from dashboard or browse Integrations and click New button.

 * Select PDF Generation

Setup in Aliveforms

In Aliveforms Integration Editor, PDF Generation Integration module setup requires * Index of screen which you want to print.


PDF is created from the screen title. Just enter the index of screen e.g. 0 or 1 that is required to be printed. Screen can have place holders for text inputs or drawing pad for signatures.

Save the integration

Click on Save icon to save the integration data.

Connect form with WhatsApp forward

  • Edit the form where you want to use WhatsApp forward.
  • Open Integrations settings.

  • Select your PDF Generation Integration module and click apply.