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Connect Form with MetaPixel

Aliveforms offers seamless integration with MetaPixel, empowering you to enhance your data visualization and analysis capabilities directly from form submissions. Connecting with MetaPixel involves a few essential steps to ensure a smooth integration process.


Create new MetaPixel Integration

  • To create new MetaPixel integration in Aliveforms, Either click on New Integration from dashboard or browse Integrations and click New button.

  • Select MetaPixel Integration

Setup in Aliveforms

In Aliveforms Integration Editor, MetaPixel integration setup requires

  • MetaPixel Id


  • Enter/Paste the MetaPixel Id.

Save the integration

Click on Save icon to save the integration data.

Connect form with MetaPixel

  • Edit the form where you want to use MetaPixel.
  • Open Integrations settings.

  • Select your MetaPixel integration and click apply.