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Variables in Aliveforms

Variables are very useful and important element in Aliveforms. Basically, a variable is something that holds a value.

Uses of variables in Aliveforms

In Aliveforms, variables are used for many purposes, such as

  • In screen title, Showing input of one screen in other such as name.
  • In screen title, for calculation, such as price calculation, performing math.
  • In hidden inputs, such as calculating time taken by user to complete the form. any many more.

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What are variables?

Variables are basically dynamic values. In Aliveforms, there are multiple types of variables in Aliveforms.

  • System Variables
  • User Defined Variables


Do not confuse Aliveforms Variables with JavaScript variables.

Using variables in form

In Aliveforms, variable can be uses with double square brackets syntax [[VARIABLE]]. - System defined variables can be can accessed and used with [[SCREEN.INDEX]] e.g. [[SCREEN.0]]. Screens like Contact, Address, Dynamic List, Matrix, Compound Input, Multiple Choice with multiple select allowed, are lists. If you need to access individual element, provide extra sub-index like [[SCREEN.INDEX.SUBINDEX]] e.g. [[SCREEN.0.0]]. If sub-index is not provided, then all members of list are concatenated. - Response variables are similar to user defined variables like [[VAR.RES:ID]]. - User defined variables like [[VAR.VARIABLE_NAME]]. - You can access list index like [[VAR.LIST.INDEX]].

System Defined Variables

A system defined variable can have input of screen, score of screen, server response variables have response from server stored in special variables etc. In Aliveforms, there are 4 system defined variables. - Screen - Score - Params - Response

User Defined Variables

A user defined variable is defined by user using actions in logic or script. It can store a number, string or list etc. A variable can also reference other variables.

How to define use variable in Aliveforms.

A user variable can be defined using actions or JavaScript API.

Using actions

Add Action Define variable, then enter name and value If it is string, quote it like "X" if it number type it like 10 or 15 if it is list, ["10", 1,12]

Using JavaScript API.

Use $.Var to define variable.

$.Var('X', 10)

How to store variable in other variable

You can reference other variables like [[REF.VARIABLE]] or you can use [[VAR.VARIABLE]]

What is difference between VAR and REF

REF is handled again after VAR

How to Evaluate Math?

Write Math Between [/ /]. Like [/ 10 * 10 /] [/ [[VAR.MULFACTOR]] * [[SCORE.1]] /] [/ [[VAR.MULFACTOR]] - 10 /]

System Defined Variables

Variable Use Example
SCORE Total weight (Analytical Form Only) Total Bill is [[SCORE]]
SCORE.INDEX Weight of screen (Analytical Form Only) [[SCORE.1]]
SCREEN.INDEX Input of Screen You selected [[SCREEN.2]]!
SCREEN.INDEX.JOIN Option texts of List or Options Screen, Joined with JOIN Character Hi [[SCREEN.1.,]]!
SCREEN.INDEX.SUBINDEX Sub Index is field in case of compound input Hi [[SCREEN.1.0]]!
PARAMS.KEY Query Parameter [[PARAMS.src]]


If screen is Multiple Options or Dropdown then it will display the options text.s

Screen Type and SCREEN.INDEX

If screen type is compound screen, i.e. Address, Contact, Compound Input or Dynamic List or Matrix, it uses SCREEN.INDEX.SUBINDEX syntax

Response Variables

Variable Use Example
RES:RAWMESSAGE Raw/Original message returned by message.
RES:MESSAGE Message returned by server
RES:GROUPS Array of Groups names and values built after server logic units.
RES:MAXGROUP Name to dominant group from server logics. [[VAR.RES:MAXGROUP]]
RES:SCORE Total Score of quiz or total weight of weight based form. Your score is [[VAR.RES:SCORE]]
RES:ID Id of submission. Can be used for order tracking etc. Your order id is [[VAR.RES:ID]]
RES:INTEGRATION Output of integration. Requires the name to be provided. It is better to use with JavaScript Logic Unit Read Below

Displaying Integration Output via JavaScript

// Reading result output from Google Sheets Integration.
var res = $.Var('RES:INTEGRATION');
var result_str = `The average is ${res['Google_Sheets_Read'][0][1]}`;