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Using groups for Analytical Calculation

In Aliveforms, groups can be used to compile analytical like product suggestion etc.Depending upon visitor inputs, groups can be assigned on each input and result can be calculated based upon dominant group.

Logic and Groups

In Aliveforms, groups can be assigned via client side logic, or server side logic. It is recommended to use JavaScript API as it takes way less time.

Example Usage

A form is setup to have questions to group personality of users. User selecting option 0, are mostly logical, 1 easy going, 2 solution oriented and 3 supportive.

The logic units can be created with either JavaScript as following logic can use used to sort the groups based upon inputs.

__boot() {
  $.Alert('Share this with your friends')
} else if ([2,3,4,5,6].indexOf(screen) !== -1) {
  var groups = ['Logical', 'Easy Going', 'Solution Oriented', 'Supportive'];
  $.SetGroup(groups[input], $.GetGroup([groups[input]]) + 10);

or 5*4=20 conditions to assign groups separately for example:

  • input: input of screen 0
  • operation equals 0
  • action: add to group, 'Logical' ,10