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Conditionally avoid integration running

In Aliveforms, server side logic can be used to avoid running an example based upon condition. For example, there is screen Do you want to sign up for news letter? If users says Yes, then execute MailChimp integration, else avoid running it.


A form with integrations applied.


  • Create a new server side logic
  • Add condition
  • Select input Input of Screen
  • Select screen index
  • Operation: Equals
  • Give value 1 or 0 depending upon index of Option No or Yes
  • Add Action Remove Integration
  • In value, put the id of integration.
  • Save the screen

Desk Panel

You can take help of bookmarks panel, also called Desk. If you have opened the form where integration was applied, it will have bookmark in integrations tab of Desk. Click on integrations icon and copy button in front of your integration to copy ID on clipboard.