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Passing data between screens

Aliveforms allows data to pass between screens. For example, getting user's first name and last name in first 2 screens and then greet user by name in 3rd screen.

How to pass data between screen

In Aliveforms, titles can use user defined variables and system defined variable. like, [[SCORE]], [[SCREEN.0]], [[VAR.SOMETHING]].

Showing input in other screen

Here is an example setup: A form having 4 screens. 0. Welcome screen 1. Text input screen to enter first name. 2. Text input screen to enter last name. 3. Text input screen to enter email.

Now, user wants to show prompt Hi! firstname lastname, what is your email address?. For this the title of screen 3 will be:

Hi! [[SCREEN.1]] [[SCREEN.2]] , what is your email address?;

Passing data using logics.

Sometime, it may require to show list of user selection and/or perform calculation in a screen. For this logic units can be used to define variables via actions or JavaScript api.

Your total load is [[SCORE]] watts.
Your Total Bill is [/ [[SCORE]] * [[VAR.PERWATT]] /] 
(Per Watt cost is [[VAR.PERWATT]]) 
[[SCREEN.1]] LEDs = [[SCORE.1]] [[SCREEN.2]]
Fans = [[SCORE.2]] [[SCREEN.3.+]] = [[SCORE.3]] 
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