Earn with Aliveforms

Earning with Aliveforms and Adsterra is a user-driven opportunity where your creativity takes center stage. By seamlessly incorporating Adsterra direct links within your Aliveforms content, each interaction becomes a potential revenue source.

Adsterra Direct Link (also: Smart Direct Link) is a monetization ad unit for publishers and webmasters. It does not have any visual format, only an URL.

You request this unique URL from Adsterra and then put it anywhere: on your web page, mobile app, or use it for making money on social traffic.

Create a form on Aliveforms

To start, you need to either Login in to Aliveforms or Create a new account on Aliveforms.

Aliveforms is online form builder. It can be used to create quizzes, forms, surveys, feedback form, trivia, games, polls etc.

Create a form with content that can engage users. such as a poll, trivia, quiz, game, personality test etc.

Here is an Example Quiz that suggest which cat breed is suitable for you!

Create account on Adsterra

You'll require to create your Adsterra account. Create your adsterra account using this link:


Next, create a direct link on Adsterra. Read this tutorial to see how to create to Adsterra direct link.

Read this

Once link is prepared, copy the link.

Update to Aliveforms Premium Account

For next steps to work, user is required to have Aliveforms Premium Account activated. Visit plans page.

Now there are several ways to use this link. One of them is to directly put the link with in information screen.

Create a logic unit to redirect

It is better option to create a logic to open without showing more link.

With Server Side Logic: You can create server side logic with action redirect.

WIth Local Side Logic: You can also create a local logic unit to run script only when specific answer is given.

Share the form

Once your earning setup is ready, share the form on social media.