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Credits in Aliveforms.

Aliveforms has credits based system. Credits are used as fee for operations in Aliveforms. Instead of providing fixed number of responses/collections/submissions, Aliveforms provided a dynamic credits based system.

How it works?

Suppose you create two forms. One is simple contact form with less screens while other is huge form with multiple logics and integrations applied. With fixed system, you get equal number of responses collection. But with credits based system, you pay for size of form and features used in that form.

Credits Fee

Each feature, such as integrations, password protection etc has assigned fee in number of credits. The complete list is available in Pricing page.

How to Check Credits Fee of Form

  • Open the form in Editor.
  • Open Settings.

  • Click on Calculator Action.

Purchasing Credits

If you run out of credits, credits can be purchased from Studio dashboard or from Aliveforms website.

Email is important

While Purchasing credits, please make sure to enter the email that is registered in Aliveforms account. If you haven't created an account, create an account first.

Credits do not expire

In Aliveforms, credits do not expire.

Important Questions

I activated premium features, after it is expired, what will become of my credits?

After your premium activation is expired, you still can use your credits. You can't use premium features though. You can activate premium features again and your remaining credits will be added and usable in premium features.

I have premium features activated but my credits are over, what shall I do?

You can buy credits pack from Pricing page.

I don't want to use premium features, but my credits are over, what shall I do?

You can top up credits without activating premium features. You can buy credits pack from Pricing page.