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Forms in Aliveforms

A "form" or "Aliveform" in Aliveforms, is simply collection of questions and messages, called "screens". A form has a name assigned by form creator. A form has a specific type as described in Form Types section.Form may have theme, logics and integrations applied.

Type of forms

In Aliveforms, form of type Poll, Ranked Quiz, Score Based, Analytical and Generic can be made. The type of form can't be changed.

Read about types of forms here

Form Configuration

Depending upon type, form can have different settings available. Read about form configuration here

Form Screens

Form screens are questions and messages shown. Polls have only one screen and other forms can have multiple screens. Read about form screens here


Forms can have multiple logic units applied. Read about form logics here


Forms can have color theme applied to change unit. Read about form themes here

Also, JavaScript can be used to change theme.


Forms can have multiple integration units applied. Read about form integrations here