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Form Screens

In Aliveforms, a form is set on screen. A screen is either a question or information.

Type of Screens

In Aliveforms, there are many screens types. Read about Input Types in Aliveforms

Parts of Screen

In Aliveforms, a screen can have multiple sections and settings depending upon screen type.

Screen Type Selection

From this, type of screen can be changed. For Text Input, it also contains another dropdown to select different types on input such as date, time, person name, regex etc.

Screen Title

This is the question or information that is show on screen. It can contain variables and calculations blocks too using specific syntax. e.g.

  • Welcome [[SCREEN.0]]
  • Total Cost is [/ [[SCREEN.0]] * [[VAR.PER_UNIT]] + 10 /]

Title Photo

A screen optionally can have a photo.


If type of screen is MCQ, Dropdown it will show section to add options. For other screens, such as custom compound input, address, contact, matrix it can contain other settings too.

Options Settings

Options can have different settings, depending upon type of option. Some are common, some are unique

As Button

When this setting in on, upon selection of mcq option, next is also pressed.

Native Controls

If in MCQ, it is required to show native checkbox and radio buttons, enable this setting.

Option Photo

Options/choices can use a photo. It is a link to photo either stored in your Aliveforms Gallery or photo from internet.

Correct Option

If type of form is "Score Calculation", then this setting checkbox is shown in every option. Form creator can check one or more to define correct answer.

Next Question if Replied

If type of screen in Multiple Choice Selection, and form creator has disabled "Allow Multiple Selection", then user can define which screen to show next upon specific answer

Points (Option)

If type of form is "Analytical Calculation Form", then each option has points. Those are later used in logic to calculate results.


If form type is score based or ranked, text input can be converted into answerable screen and correct answer key can be provided.

Allow Multiple Selection

If type of screen is Multiple Choice, then form creator can allow user to select multiple options.


Depending upon screen type, title and photo, different style of layout can be set for different sections of form such as

  • Title Section
  • Options Sections


This is to set transitions.

Screen Settings and Parameters

Depending upon type of screen and form type, form screen can have different parameters and settings such as

Invalid Message

If form type is "Text Input" and user doesn't enter correct value and validation is failed then the message entered in Invalid Message setting will be shown.


Form creator can set set expiry timer for question. Note that if timer expires then "Required" setting is not taken in cosideration.


For creator can force user to enter the answer by checking this checkbox.

Allow Previous

Form creator can allow the user to go back to previous question by checking this box.

Collect Input

Form creator is explicitly required to enable collection of answer on specific answerable screen by checking "Collect Input" checkbox. Please note that later whenever "Collection Index" is mentioned, it is related to this list.

Points (Screen)

This setting is visible ff type of forms is "Score Calculation". These are the points added to total score if user answers correctly.

Make Submit Screen

If the logic demands having multiple submit screens, then a screen can be assigned as submit screen.

Disable Next button

If for some reason, it is required that next button shouldn't be shown, this setting can be marked checked.