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Form Settings

If you click on settings button in form editor, there is sidebar displayed.

It has different sections like actions, configure, settings/screens toggle.



This opens the share dialog.


This redirect users to collections/submission/responses section.

JSON (Alivebot)

This is to edit JSON of form.

YAML (Alivebot Legacy)

This is to edit YAML of form.


This is to perform repairing action on form.


This is to show approximated credits fee of form presentation and collection.


When opened form settings, these are general settings shown.


Upon creation a form in in unpublished state. When testing form, keep it unpublished because it won't cut credits. After testing is complete, publish the form by checking the form and click apply.


Note that an unpublished form cannot be submitted.

Single Page

Aliveforms can show a form in single screen. This will though limit the scope of logic units.

Allow Sharing

If allow sharing is checked, the share button in shown on form to share the form and also it puts the link of form in Aliveforms browse section.

Avoid Submission

When enabled, form submission is disabled.

Allow web browser's Back button

When enabled, previous question in shown on back button press.

Load solutions to access via JavaScript API

If enabled, solution key is loaded with form on client's device. Logics can be used to enable functionality like showing correct answers on client side etc. Note that each setting is required to be applied individually by clicking on apply button in front of that setting element.

Response Management

This is to set the message which is shown upon form submission. It can use variable and calculations in title and image and layout.


Applying Logic

To apply logics on your form, click on logic drop down. check/select the logics you want to apply. After selecting click on apply button.

Removing Applied Logic

To remove logic that is already applied, click on logics drop down and uncheck the logic you want to remove. Click on apply button.


Applying integration

To apply integrations on your form, click on integration drop down. check/select the integrations you want to apply. After selecting click on apply button.

Removing Applied integration

To remove integration that is already applied, click on integrations drop down and uncheck the integration you want to remove. Click on apply button.


Applying theme

To apply theme on your form, click on theme drop down. select the theme you want to apply. After selecting click on apply button.

Removing Applied theme

To remove theme from form, click on themes drop down and select option None. Click on apply button.


While presenting Aliveforms, you can control whether to show your organization name and logo and Aliveforms branding in form or hide these.


This is the title of form. It is also the title of web page shown in title bar of browsers and previews. To change the title, edit the title in text box and then click on apply or update button in front of the text box.

Preview Photo

This photo is shown in preview area when shared on other websites supporting preview via OpenGraph. Check Image Selector section for information on how to update photos.

Aliveforms Branding

To let form show powered by Aliveforms branding, keep remove Aliveforms branding unchecked. If you don't want to show Aliveforms branding check the remove Aliveforms branding checkbox and Click apply.

Organization Branding

To have your form showing your organization branding, keep Show organization branding checked. If you don't want to show your organzation branding uncheck the show organization branding checkbox and Click apply.


This tab has password protection settings.

Password Protection

Aliveforms allows to apply a password on form to make it password protected.

Applying Password

To make a form password protection, click on checkbox in Password protection section. type the password and click apply.

Removing Password Protection

To remove password protection, uncheck the password protection checkbox and click apply.